Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Blessing in Disguise

A blog and a scientific paper can easily occupy the polar opposite seats in the spectrum of anything that's ever been written. While blogs are personal and imaginative, manuscripts are completely devoid of any literary juice. The way that papers are being written today is to avoid subjectivity, unnecessary elaboration and repetition, and vagueness. Creative writing can easily fall in the scientific framework. There is only one problem. You can dare, but there is every possibility that an editor or a reviewer will ask you to modify if you take even a slight deviation from the detached dryness that's expected of a scientific manuscript. Hell, I have done it myself while reviewing others' work, so I can't expect anything more.

However, writing up my own work? That's a different story. I always have to rewrite all my manuscripts before I pass it on to my co-authors coz I write everything in a very popular style. Whenever I revisit the manuscripts for the second draft, I cringe at the thought of what would happen if ever some foreign eyes were to befall on this populist piece of (interesting) shit.

At such times, I miss blogging the most, and return to it with renewed zeal. Blogging helps me to vent, even in this sphere of life. It's all for good eventually, because the more there are of the drycleaned manuscripts (and looks like it is just gonna increase more and more), more there will be of the blogs too.

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Sandeep Menon said...

Good....may you author lots of scientific papers so that we can read an equivalent or more number of blogposts ;)

It must be quite difficult though to swap between the 'blogger' and the 'scientist writing (interesting) s$!t'