Friday, July 05, 2013

Mini Reviews

A quick thoughts on the movies I watched recently:

Before Midnight:

I was so looking forward to this movie. You know what's coming. Yeah, I didn't like it. I didn't like it coz I was expecting something else. Though connected to the the prior two, I wish Linklater had made this movie not part of the trilogy, but as a movie on its own, without any past baggage. And what a tremendous baggage it must have been. Don't forget. The trio (Linklater, Delpy and Hawke) had been nominated for Oscar in the best adaptaed screenplay category. Credit to them, they embarked on a completely different journey of the couple, which for me was unacceptable. It's way too depressing with a tiny hope at the end, which is not enough. As an independent movie however, I liked it. On a tangent, I like movies where the characters don't change their clothes. It gives a sense of intimacy and regularity vis-a-vis cinematic fantasy and grandeur.


Indie, small budget, big starrer movies. Simple stories. What they say about acting, also holds true about storytelling. Simplicity is more difficult. Mud is essentially simple. But not effortless. It is a forced simple story. Would I mind spending 10 € on it? Absolutely. Thank god for movie cards.

The Great Indian Butterfly:

It's a hybrid between Before Midnight and Before Sunset. In continuation of what I said about the baggage of past in Before Midnight (this movie doesn't have any), it also works coz we get enough time to see the softer side of the characters and their dormant but extant love for each other. It works as a road movie too, set in Goa. The movie has beautiful undercurrent with a meaningful message throughout, which is obvious to the viewers but characters are oblivious to it and are dicsovering it through the length of the movie. Loved it.

Sam and Cat:

Trash. If I had seen this poster before starting the 1st episode, I would have stayed away. Unfortunately, I mixed it up for I Am Sam.

Star Trek Into Darkness:

This was my first Star Trek experience. Being a somewhat loyal Star Wars fan, I was averse to the idea of watching all the earlier 700+ episodes and movies. I am glad I started with this. I am not gonna check up on all the past episodes coz watching them after watching such a superbly crafted movie is not worth it. I haven't had many 3-D experiences, so that was another bonus. That I was never into superheroes, stars, galaxies and aliens will be an understatement. I used to scoff at them. While watching this movie, I thought of front-benchers cheering for Govinda in a David Dhawan movie, but then such is life. As it gets more and more serious and hectic, fantasy becomes your respite.

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