Saturday, July 06, 2013

Mini Reviews 2

Frances Ha:

This is the season of black-and-white movies. Though I couldn't enjoy Oh Boy as it was in German with french subtitles, I definitely enjoyed this one. You would think B-n-W will hide stuff, but that's not true. I kept focussing on cracks, crevices, folds, wrinkles. The distractions of the colour are absent and you take in the frames much more. It gives a nostalgic feel to the proceedings as well, an old-world vintage charm. I wish the movie could rise above the visuals. The trailer was lot worthier than the movie. What was good was Greta Gerwig.

Man of Steel:

It was a mistake going for this movie. Waste of my time.

We Bought A Zoo:

Nothing great. Predictable.


One of the creepiest and more graphically violent movies I have seen so far. People are made off with for absolutely no rhyme or reason. However, very stylised and aesthetically made movie. Which makes it creepier.

21 Jump Street:

We don't have to feel inferior. This one is a witness to what trash Hollywood can produce given a chance.


Rathchakra said...

Yay! two movie posts....first for you.

Want to watch Frances Ha. You are so right about B&W. In modern times, Spielberg used it best in Schindler's list (the girl in the red frock, was mega-impactful). I thought nnother more recent B&W experiment, The Artist was over-rated IMO. Have you seen The Man Who Knew Who Wasn't There? Another good use of B&W.

And I didn't quite get the "We don't have to feel inferior" statement? Are you saying "We=Indian movies"? If so, why this comparison? By comparing we seek validation. Trash belongs everywhere and all trash is trash no matter where it's created.

A said...

I have written earlier on movies here, so this isn't a first, but probably in not such a systematic way.

Schindler's List was great. But there was a difference. See, the movie itself was so fantastic, I didn't much focus on the colour. And second, the movie is set not in comtemporary times but 70 years ago, so the use of BnW has a reason. It was obvious to me (and probably to other audiences too) that the directors of Oh Boy and Frances Ha are obsessed with BnW for no other reason but for what it is.

Yeah, I meant Bombay movies. There's always a talk as to how Hollywood is better than us and one starts believing it if one is not exposed to the trash. I don't think comparison is necessarily to seek validation. If I say, look at Iranian movies, neither do I mean nor will you take it as an effort for validation. So, more than what I said, it's the comparison with Hollywood which is so big and dominant that is probably making you think that it means seeking validation.

rathchakra said...,0,79922.story

I vote Raging Bull.

rathchakra said...

Finally got to watch Frances ha! Greta gerwig was really good. The use of black white impressed the sad yet hopeful tone of the character.