Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How Do You Care 'Bro'?

I opened my facebook account today and the friends' feeds are flooded with congratulatory status updates about Obama's win. They are popping up by seconds. It's beyond my comprehension why so many Indians, especially those residing in India care about US presidential race. I don't remember people talking about our own polity with even hundredth of an interest.

Do we in general like competitions?
Do we like Obama and his politics? What about it? Why?
Is the US polity more entertaining than ours?
Is it a cool and an in thing to discuss US politics over coffee?
Do we believe in media dictating the issues that we must find interesting?

As long as US politics doesn't affect the world outside, these questions don't interest me, and so most of them have negative imperative for me. I find that the second-wise updates on news channels about the personal tragedy of a family in India whose kid has been kidnapped are more relevant than these US presidential travails. Moreover, I believe, whatever the reason, by talking non-stop about this, we are giving undue importance to the process that doesn't care much about us or about others. However, I am open to discussion coz there is a possibility that there exists some logical reason why so many of my peers, my close friends find it a topic worth discussing.


Rathchakra said...

Completely echo your thoughts on this. Open to understanding the thought process behind the jubilation of the unaffected.

A said...

Kisi aur ko kuch nahi padi rattu! kavve jaise kuch der chilla chilla ke they have moved on to the new status update...Happy Diwali! :D

Rathchakra said...

The short term memory of the collective us is a bane and a boon (: