Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Addicted To Risks

I do not understand people with addictions. Would fully support them in getting rid of it, but without understanding. It's beyond reason to comprehend that one would continue doing something when one's aware (at least partly) of the repercussions. Carelessness. Laziness too? 

Now I know what a friend meant by saying, addictions are unethical. I was surprised then. Harmful yes, but unethical? That sounded like a new adjective. I get it now. It's unethical to not take care of yourself.

Every time a friend indulges in something potentially addictive, wanna punch them in the face and ask them to snap out of it. Puffing spirals of smoke, clinking glasses of liquor, blinking beady eyes in front of a computer, pressing heated up mobile phones against ears...these things have become so universal that they don't even seem to count.

Need to train myself how to tell people that all this is harmful, without sounding preachy. Or just learn to ignore.


Rathchakra said...

darn - my list is long: addicted to running, to movies, to living, to finding meaning in everything, to being thirsty, to seeking answers, to being unsatisfied almost all the time and many more....ohh boy, I must remember to wear a helmet if I come face to face with you!

A said...

I am sure you didn't mean it to sound this way, but this still sounds like part of your resume.

Chuck the helmet doooooood, this is all good!!!

Rathchakra said...

if I come across a resume with these things in it, it will be promptly met with Shift+Delete buttons :)

A said...

I am sure you would ctrl+S it :)