Sunday, January 08, 2012

Kindness vs Honesty

Thought of making a conscious decision of being more kind than to be truthful if a clash between the two should arise, especially while dealing with people who are close to me. One week into the roleplay, I am already frustrated as to keep up with my real and my assumed self. People have been hurt before too, but at least I was on my own side earlier. Now, every truthful statement brings with it hurt on the recipient's part, and a whirlwind guilt trip all on my own. As I see it, this resolution's not gonna last.

On a tangent, I was so certain in my school and college days, and have lately become more of a confused boy than I ever was. I will fit the bill perfectly for the real-life version of Benjamin Button. Happy 2012!


Rathchakra said...

Benji Button...been there a number of times...more than I would like to keep a count!!

A said...

Happens to everyone I guess!