Wednesday, February 09, 2011

There's a single moment in the 50,000 odd hours we spend as grad students when we start realizing what we want to do with our lives once the graduation is over. That's an important one as that's when you start to grapple with what you want to do, what you can do, and how good you are gonna be when you are on your own. In fact, that's one of the defining moments in our lives as our roads diverge at that point. Some people want hardcore research, some want to go into academics, some want to steer clear of either and go into something less demanding, and some just wanna earn money. Boundaries arising from that moment which go on to define us for a long time, probably for ever.

I love my profession. I am good at it. I've reached my own defining moment long back. I know what I want. Usually, that is and should be enough. And right now, it is not. I want someone else to share this belief. When you are embarking on your own, you want someone to put money on your horse to make it race.


Vika said...

Opportunity given does require other people's belief to give.. :) Wish we could fund our own dreams!

A said...

aaah, you said it!