Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Goes Up...

The last few weeks, I've been on an utter high (as may have been evident from my blog posts in case you didn't see me hopping around with mad joy). It had to end sometime. Grandpa G passed away this morning. Some more time is all everyone asked. Hopefully he didn't suffer. Right now, I want to do anything but to go and be with the family. Reminds me too much of earlier deaths in the family. But it's time to grow up and keep oneself in the background. I just wish S, S, V, M everyone gets the strength to cope up with this and be able to remember the long, active, productive life he led till now.

I will miss you KG.


Anonymous said...

if i were to make a wish for you i would wish that you lead a happy and content life and not necessarily a long one (cliche but true)

much love

A said...

Thanks buddy, I would wish that too!