Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, these days I'm searching for a brain wave which will probably hit the right spot in my brain and help me come up with an appropriate title for my thesis. Something snazzy, cool and one which summarizes everything that I have been working toward...

We all have to finalize on our thesis titles by the end of the second year but no one really sticks to it as PhD is all about flexibility, checking out preferences and practicalities in the given arena of work. So the titles are quite dynamic.

Of course, I have seen people slogging, with only the faintest idea as to what is that one (or a few!) questions they would like to answer. Just work, gather data, and something will definitely emerge. This is their motto. It's ridiculous and pathetic. You know what that reminds me of? A supervisor writing a recommendation letter for one of his students, not knowing for whom he is writing and yet scribbling frantically on his notepad, and at the end of it, depending on how it has turned out, deciding which student he will give that letter to.

ps. Okkk. That was a distant simile. What to do? Everything these days reminds me of reco letters. Forget about my vices and virtues, I just hope my boss remembers who I am. He asked me few days ago whether I am done with my colloquium already!!!



Anonymous said...

hahaha!! lol!! i cant believe this.. this bad huh?

once mine asked me which year I am in.. I wanted to say.. well even I have forgotten! :D

khee khee


A said...

Thank god we are out!!!