Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Post

We are talking, laughing, having great fun in general, and then you just decide to walk off...

You say you remembered something, some important thing to do but I doubt whether it’s really that or it’s you mutely asking me to ask you to stay. All my pleas of “just 5 minutes more” fall on deaf ears. Before leaving, you turn, give a quick smile and look at me once again. To see whether I’ve given up. If I have, there’s nothing to wait for anymore, but if I haven’t, then there is a chance that you will get to listen to some more persuasive pleading. And that, I think you just adore.

So sometimes, I don’t say anything, coz I know that the only way to make you stay is to play it cool. In expecting me to say something, you sometimes stay for even longer than intended, and that I adore.

Then again, sometimes, I beg you to stay just so that you’ll leave. I keep watching you until you disappear round the corner, and every step you take, every move you make, reminds me of things from the past. Your memories are sometimes fonder than your actual presence.

Do you feel that too? About me? Maybe I’ll ask this to you tomorrow. I’m not so sure how you will react. It’s just one of those hazy wayward thoughts occupying my mind. Today is the closest I came to asking you about it. But I ducked at the last moment coz this brain of mine went into a cerebral overdrive, I was a bit freaked out when I thought about the aftermaths.

Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Will I hate it if you thought the same too? I don’t know. Maybe. If someone prefers my memories over me, I must be getting more and more uninteresting with every passing day.

I won't ask you that question after all.


Jahnavi said...

Memories and dreams - Virtual reality, eh? ;)

If someone prefers your memories over you, it could also mean that person is reciprocating your own feelings, no?

A said...

That question is way too complicated :)