Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Clothes Parade...

At what age do they start making fun of you if you don't have the right clothes on? Anyway, I must be long past it.

Seriously we need to come out of this fucking biz town mentality and look hard in the mirror...dressed to thrill eh? Everyone seems to be so bothered about the way they dress...And mind you, not bothered doesn't mean good bye to cleanliness or smartly just means little less time behaving like painted mannequins...

Trends and clothes? You must be kidding me...One has to be dressed in a certain way...the right way...why? Who decides? What right clothes? Let me not even ask Zen-ical questions like what's right...c'mon man, get a breather, get a life...there are more important things to think about...

Otherwise it becomes a mere dress parade of cheap attitudes accessorized by expensive brands...


Anonymous said...


:) i know where this is coming from.... but guess they dont read ur blog :)


Sonal said...

Humm This is the post,

I face this problem at my office and seriously I m tired..I literally was searching for a place where I can just wear 2 pairs of jeans and sum affortable T shirts.

Really..They think about it all time and forces u too do so...however u resist.

If sumday u miss on sumthing,they dont fail to warn u not to make this mistake again..GOD save u !!

alongwith clothes,its weight,ur footwears,hairs,nails,skin..ETC.

Give me sum break..R we born just 2 have a perfect look & perfect body?

Means in routine desk jobs where u dont have to face ur customers & clients daily....we can take it easy..

Pehale heen kaam ka tension then long working hours,traffic,no good food in mess,less sleep in night..koi family nahin saath mein

most of the time u just drag urself to office..we r so much exhausted and stressed out..

Kaam aur khaane ke baare mein sochane ka time nahin...& then clothes.

Frankly speaking I keep myself away from such types..


A said...

bm, I wish they had read this particular post!

Sonal, I understand.