Monday, May 11, 2009


"You never try to get in touch with me by yourself. You talk to me only when I call..."

"You called, yes, but you sounded so dry..."

"Why are you being so artificial? You never showed so much interest before..."

"Is it so difficult for you to show some interest in my life? You are a self-absorbed narcissist..."

When I don't talk, you think I keep to myself. When I talk, you think I am dry. When I show interest in your life, you think I am trying extra hard. When I talk about my life, you think I am a narcissist. Well, perhaps, rightly so.

Ah yes, you have a problem with that too.

You can't have it all ways.


Ruchira Sen said...

Sweetie, this is what happens when a guy and a girl talk!!! You should have known that by now!

Sandeep Menon said...

Well said Alok...

A said...

@ Ruchira: Didn't happen between us! :P

@ Sandeep: I knew fellow sufferers will understand! Or at least appreciate!