Friday, March 06, 2009

I've Unsubscribed...

...the feed of two blogs I’ve been following diligently for two years or even more for just one reason that the blogs were turning out to be mere exercises in self-praise, and they were not even witty enough like waiterant to sustain my interest. People have their individual styles, but how can every entry be aimed at self-gratification? I guess, to each his own. I am sure there are people who enjoy a narcissistic streak. I don’t. Speaking for myself, I like adulation, but I rather have it from others or not have it at all. I do some self-indulgent stuff on this blog, but I hope it’s few and far between…not so often as to make someone feel like giving up on me. I don’t want my self-absorption to drive people away. I know many people feel a blog is yours and yours only, and you can do whatever you want, but I don’t want to do or behave in a way that I don’t expect from others.

I have a work presentation on Saturday. I am expecting two reactions…either people will be elated and overjoyed (and jealous?), or they will berate me for the conclusions I’ve drawn. Whichever reaction it is, I hope I don’t get swayed or start biting. I want to be calm, in control, present the data, enjoy it whatever it is that comes my way, and get done with.

You know that it’s time for a new batch to arrive when kids from Bangalore start coming personally and kids outside Bangalore start sending mails like dear sir, I am student of xyz university and would like to know more about the entrance exam/interviews/faculties/CES/IISc…absolutely crazy! Bonkers! But then I remember me dashing a similar mail before my interviews to my seniors whom I hardly knew and how I worshipped the ones from whom I got a reply. These youngsters look so innocent and naïve. And they worship you. Most of them are intelligent…they are just inexperienced. It’s hard to believe anyone can be so raw. And that’s endearing.


Anonymous said...

1) I disagree with you on the first one-
i am a believer of the first philosophy.. my blog- my space.. you are welcome not to read if it doesn't interest you, moreover you are welcome to criticize if you dislike it.. it is after all just another person's opinion

2) don't worry. you will do just fine.. yo u will be brilliant believe me and just as you said.. keep your calm,... if you must then lose your anger on those who are worth it :)

3) oh yes.. and to tell you the truth i quite enjoy those mails :) and i always make a point to answer back.. and by that standards i must be having many devotees ;=}

Anonymous said...

that btw was bm ( if you had not already guess it

Ruchira Sen said...

Last part reminded me of the good times! Don't get those mails anymore :(

A said...

bm, 1. more often than not, ppl welcome the praise and trash the criticism. Double standards.

2. :)

3. Ya, I enjoyed those mails thoroughly. Made me feel quite a veteran in the field :)

Ruchira, Me too :(