Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Ideal Respite

It’s been a hectic week and an ideal respite will be somewhere in the arctic. A dark frozen icy landscape on one side and a gently lapping sea on the other, me skiing for hours and then lying on my back with sheer exhaustion but unimaginable exhilaration, with the multihued arctic light as the wallpaper of my eyes and a woman like Clementine with me. Paradise.

Who am I kidding? Isn’t it the day of the equinox today?


Anonymous said...


Princess said...

You are mad :) Clementine? You have not seen the Academy Awards? You would have stuck to Kate Winslet then I bet.

A said...

@Princess: I stuck more to Anne Hathaway ;)

A said...

bm, :)