Sunday, February 01, 2009

With Honors

With Honors...brilliant...Joe Pesci rocks!


Garnet said...

I know nothing of the movie you made your brief comment on, but I do have a favourable opinion of Joe Pesci. I only wanted to make the observation -- after seeing that you'd made a rare post upon the same date as I -- that you seem to have as much difficulty as I do in maintaining a currency in your blog.

I have my own excuses, so you likely do, also.

The promise is always that it will be amended at some future date that effectively eludes us.

However, I see that you at least endeavoured to commence your own blog a few years ago -- I held off, unsure of myself, or what I could offer that even approximated anything substantial.

Thank you once more for the positive affirmation you gave to my original posting on my blog. I wish you success in your own blog -- and in fact your entire life!

Prosper, and be happy -- and always of good conscience.

A said...

Garnet, first of all, thank you for all the wishes!

I checked your today after a long time, and good to see that you are writing regularly. All the best to you too...