Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last Year!

The nightmare these days is that the work I’ve been doing for last couple of years is going to get destroyed in a fire or I'll loose it coz of hard disc failure of my computer. Forget about finishing in time, it just means, I will go degree-less. Just the thought freaks me out.

I am paranoid about it…So, I 've stopped leaving the laptop in lab overnight and have been copying the whole thesis folder in three different places every day. Every single day! The only worry is all the three drives don’t collapse or get corrupted simultaneously. The chances are really low, everyone says. I still think prevention is better…I guess I should create one more folder...I mean, I'm anyway copying it to three different places, why not four?

I am beginning to understand what is meant when we sarcastically tell someone, ‘you’re getting old’…I think I’m becoming too cautious…but you see it's just common sense/fear of losing 4 years’ work...nothing’s worth losing that much time and work.

Have been working like a maniac and got some work done which has been pending for months…it feels good. Have been so so lazy in doing part of the data analysis, especially the data entry part…I am so bored, I thought I will advertise a paid position for a needy MS/ME fellow here and all they’ll have to do is entering my data but then it seemed even more risky…to let them handle the data sheets…told myself, “this is like the materialization of all the sweat on all the week-days and weekends you spent making it out with your hymenopteran girls, observing them doing unspeakable things…so don’t slight it by such antics at the last minute. "

Gotta sleep now. This is the earliest in months. Starting observations again, and I’m absolutely thrilled. I have been following this particular nest for 7 months now, just to get to know the ages of all the many times felt like throwing this nest away…the unknown age individuals just wouldn’t leave or die…but the patience has finally paid off…may the dead ones’ souls rest in peace…and hope to keep up my appointment with the alive ones at 8 tomorrow morning!

Good night!


Jahnavi said...

Good to have back ups everyday dude. Recently one of our external hard drives crashed and but for back ups we would have been screwed big time! try this site:

We use it too. Its safe and hassle free.

laughingwolf said...

three's good, but one in hard copy, kept in a vault, is icing on it all

Sujit said...

3? I had one or not even that. Long time back..

But the scare of taking backups depends on whether the hard-drive got crashed earlier or not. since, I did not have problems earlier.. so 1 or 0 otherwise may be followed your trail :)..

So, how was tykal?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

don't know if by the title of the post u intended a pun but last 'year'... does something click in ur mind.. hee haa.. pseudos with a big..... :D


A said...

@Sujit: LOL Yeah seems little over the top! Tyakal was absolute fun! T'was hot, but great...the best time to hike wud be early morning!

A said...

Jahnavi, thanks for the suggestion. I still prefer backups in external hard drives, since some of it's yet unpublished.

laughingwolf, I am moving a lot these days, so hard copies are unmanageable.

bm, LOLLL :)