Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Sound of Music

One of the things that give me immense joy in life is music. Music fills all the gaps, cements the crevices and gives a smoother and filled appearance - and it’s fun to get misled every single time. It’s sheer fun coz when I’m listening to a good piece, I’m unaware of anything else, happy or sad, beautiful or ugly, fair or dark…all those things that catch my attention seem to carry no meaning at all. In that sense, when people say, music brings you nearer to god, I agree coz music helps me uplift myself over all these engaging follies. It becomes necessary to detach oneself from all the highs and lows of life here and treat them with objective scrutiny. Music helps me do that by concocting it’s own web and giving me a glimpse of some alternate reality, which is different from my routine life. But more importantly, it also teaches me to be attached to reality. It’s a delusional raft as well as a reality anchor.

Music has the power of enslaving; belittling all other aspects of my personality…I lose myself in it. That’s the magic of music. These moments, they are rare. In these 25 odd years, I have had hardly 2-3 such self-free moments but I’ll never ever forget them coz that is a phase of transcendence. You are no longer a form, an entity. You are just a spirit, a ghost of your sense of self. I transcend myself in company of music. Being a scientist, it reminds me of a chemical reaction. What goes in is you, dry and raw…what comes out is someone else, bathing in a musical ballad.

Music is my life…When I am dissatisfied and want more from life, when my voice is cracking with all the unfulfilled desires, music comes, soothes the cracks like the first rain, fills them up, and my cup of happiness starts overflowing again. I am not exaggerating. Do you have such a thing in your life? Where you can take refuge when you are not feeling alright with life, take one shot at it, and everything becomes alright again? If you do, you’ll understand what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Yes there is one more, reading: books, poetries, quotes..

They take me away from realities, I read most often to escape from my own thoughts, not realized dreams, painful past, my mistakes, strengths, weaknesses.

And importantly to know what I am?

After that there is growth and ultimately independence..(They say liberation)

so Reading again connects me to my life.

Courtney said...

I agree music is magical. I also read a lot and both can instantly calm and relax me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

hey bm

see/listen to this when you have time (try during iisc youtube time)

think u will like it

i saw this movie darjeeling limited
doesnt have any original soundtrack but they have borrowed some amazing stuff from various places, including the one above.
there is also one score from bombay talkies.. it really is haunting. amazing stuff

Priya said...

beautiful dude.... u have a gift u know that right... how u express urself.... just beautiful! :)

BlAHHHH said...

WOW ur into music like me thats soo cool. For me music is a way i can express myself. Its like an exscape from the stress of life. But ur in it too the extreme. Really Cool. People dnt understand some of the music i listen to cuz there so into rap and hip hop and pop but theres more out there than that and its cool to finally see someone see how much deeper music is other than entertainment. Atleast for me. Oh and thanks for the comment!

A said...

@ Anon: You don't have to be an anonymous commenter throughout your life. I know who you are and I know you read this blog, so why not just come forward? It's time you graduated to the next level.

@ Courtney: :)

@ bm: Give me the movie.

@ Priya: Thanks, you should write too. You're good at it.

@ blahhhh: Yeah, can't thank my dad enough for initiating me to it!