Monday, January 07, 2008

Every single time I watch Lead India, I get excited. And much more actually. The leaders on this show come from backgrounds like us. They don't have larger-than-life persona. They have not donned the flamboyant and addictive leadership cap (yet), you can see the happiness on their faces when they complete a down-to-earth task that helps solve the day-to-day problems. And the best part is they are giving hope. To me. To people who have been following it. I have always thought hope is the feeling on which societies are sustained, if not built.

The show has it's glitches and cliche at times (like Ajay Devgan coming on the was obvious that the actor came to promote his own movie which is releasing this weekend)...yet, I would recommend it. It's a welcome change from the usual overtly sappy/happy/crappy and controversial reality shows. Don't miss it. Every Saturday, 8 pm, Star One.

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