Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thinking constitutes such a small part of our daily lives that we start thinking we can get away with anything without it. It's to be ingrained in every walking moment.

Obviously, it won't happen overnight. Sitting under the Banyan tree and waiting for the enlightenment to happen is hilarious. One needs to make conscious efforts for that.


sonal said...

Thinking should be ingrained in every walking moment.......
Every thing is agreed.

Our lives these days,has been so automated/mechanical that we have to programe(Fixed-no time for upgradation,Again)ourselves to meet daily duties and demands.
Do we have time to stop,think and then to take actions?
Tell me some methods to practice thinking so that I can ingraine thinking in all my moves.

A said...

Rather than doing things in a robotic fashion, one needs to do them consciously. That's the most basic move.