Thursday, December 14, 2006

I work on behavioural ecology of wasps but nobody should think that I am a greenhorn novice when it comes to human behaviour. To succeed and thrive in this era, only merit is not adequate…PR is imperative, self-promotion, image management and media manipulation are must, and narcissism is not only a sufficient but a necessary pre-requisite. Recognition feeds to more recognition, success brings in more success. Not only that. The whole ball-game seems to have turned upside down…the awarders need a reasonably famous and celebrated person to promote their own award, their own ceremonies and in the end, themselves.

This post should not be mistaken for acrimony, bitterness or a high-collar attitude. It was never there. These are all rules of the game and the reason why I think so casually about all this is I have seen too many people doing this. However, there is definitely a slight contempt towards those who play these games.

I want to be famous, successful and may be one day the allure to play the game to the hilt will be tremendous. Will I do that? Who knows, may be I will, may be I would have found an argument to justify my actions by then.

Right now, however, it seems pathetic and disgusting to actually beg for recognition. No value judgements...I am not making universal statements here, it's just not a right thing for ME. Like a true idealist, I feel it's better to lead an unsuccessful, unrecognized life than stoop to such a level...


sonal said...

what happened? pharach Upset watato ahes..

sonal said...
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Alok said...
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sonal said...

so sorry ...if u think so.

I will explain my point afterwords.I m in office now.
In short..I want to say that real
heroes hardly get any recognition in this world.

Anonymous said...

recognition is a buzz today. evrybody wants be recognised.

I can't believe people would do that just to get in the papers or on the television. no matter whether they really deserve it or not. then they try to find out the ways to achieve the recognition.

some pple opt for social institutions.
this might b d easiest way to gain
self recognition.

when hardwork doesnt click ppl start paying attention towards self-promotion, image management and media manipulation. sometimes they also stay very diplomatic.

its very common thing ppl do to get recognition. nothing new.

let d pple do it n gain recognition.

dont get upset. be firm n follow your own your path to get recognition.

i remeber one popular japanies say

are the people who choose wrong path to fulfill their needs really happy in their life?????????

Sometimes people are just big time lonely in their head. I think these people are crazy and half the time, losers. I used to want to be famous but look at celebs today and ask yourself, what the hell do they do that's so great? I don't see a lot of talent. There's some, naturally but God if everyone in the public eye is 'worthy' then we're all screwed. It's all a bit sad really.

Choice is yours
1. either manipulate the things n get recognised
2. or follow sincere way

Diversifying urself from your motto is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic ... but...
From Sonals post:
(and pardon a poor marathi translation): In the world where socrates was given poison and gandhi was shot, lay people like us have little value.

Whoever the author is, this is complete bull. Why is this author making such cynical statements to start with? So basically since I'm not socrates/gandhi/some_famous_dude I simply should stop striving to become something since as is there is no value for me. Ok so since I have no value, why don't I jump off the building and kill myself, because if someone like socrates was poisoned I do not even want to imagine what horrific death will be meted out to me.

sonal said...

@ Mr/Ms.Anonymous...
I request you not to say any damn words about the author V.S. Khandekar.U might not be awared about him,what position he has in Marathi plz..
Now I m too overloaded with office work but will discuss my point ASAP.

Alok said...
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Anonymous said...

Sonal: I did not know who the author was. So, really I did not mean to disrespect to V.S Khandekar - in any way. I'm sure he was a great writer and wrote some amazing books. No doubt. Nothing against him.

I am also unaware in what context this statement was made. Was it a part of a larger plot (fiction)? Was it just made casually because the author felt like it? I do not know.

What I do know is, that statement posted "as-is" in the comment is depressing. Period. So yes, I am still sticking by what I said. Life itself is depressing enough at times, why would I want to about spending my life appreciating more depressing literature? But hey, its a free country and democracy and whatnot. So each one to their own.

Back in college, many students had to make a choice with drinking: Either go nuts drinking and be on the verge of alcoholism, drink socially but not so much that its an addiction, or completely abstain from alcohol (and thereby keep sanity all the time). Similarly, you can live life in different ways:
- who am I in this world where Gandhi/Socrates were not respected for who they were. I'm such a waste dammit. Now, let me find that bus (thats going to run me over).
- I am a mere mortal. I'm not Gandhi, but my life is not a complete waste either. I'm neither here nor there. I'm freakin' in the middle of nowhere.
- I rock. I may/maynot be Socrates/Gandhi but I rock dammit. In my own very special way.
- Delusional idiots.

Now, if I read your statement, I am inclined to think regular people are of the first category. Once a person accepts this, it is not long before they start telling themselves how useless they are and they have no Socratic ideas to contribute to society and hence their life is a complete freakin' waste. That eventually takes them to commit the aforementioned actions they do (or might get the idea at least).

The second category is worse. They live life thats a total waste. God. I will never understand these people.

The third category is interesting. They do know they might never go down the annals of history as Gandhi or Socrates but live life to the fullest filling every moment with positive thoughts. They rock. No. Really.

The last is completely delusional types. This is one category I love to mock at (well this and the first).

Holy shit, that was such a poor analogy. Maybe I was digressing. Heh. Blame beer.

So there.
Now. I have to get back to some real work. Your comments awaited.

sonal said...
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Priya said...

LOL... how did i miss such interesting exchange...

A said...

Weird one this was...completely unrelated to what I was trying to say!