Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The lost cycle...

And while she was busy planning the best way to harass her students, I was left in agony over the weekend...I lost my beautiful DEVIL! Read on for further clarifications:

To all the guys who own a HERO DEVIL cycle,

One of you have taken my silver-coloured HERO DEVIL cycle!!! And I have YOURS!!!

Our keys seem to be Exact Replica of each other, where each key fits in both the cycles.

In a fit of hurry, you seem to have taken my cycle (leaving me with no choice but to take yours).

I am sure you’re quite attached to your cycle (as I’m to mine) and you want it back ASAP!!!

If you’re that person, please call me on 98809 99*** OR 23605*** (ask for A***). You can also mail me at a***@***

After all this advertising, got the cycle back in mere 2 days!!!


JP said...

First of all... gud 2 see a post after a long time! :)

Second..nice ad!

Third..very very nice cycle!

Fourth.... CONGRATS! cud u differentiate the "exact replica" frm urs?

A said...

The cycle in the pic isnt mine! That was just to add to the visuals...Exact replica was identified from the keychain!