Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I’m already halfway through the 5-year PhD tenure at IISc and I’m already worried. Not about the profession or work aspect, but about goodbyes. It will be painful, excruciating. Every stop is marked with memories.

All those smiles on the walking alleys towards the department, the warmth and affection extended by the faculty, camaraderie of other students – even the familiar faces who used to dust and clean the labs…They think I don’t notice that, but I do.

Right now, I float around as if it’s gonna last forever…but it’s not. I’m standing at the midpoint right now. They think it doesn’t affect me, but it does…it would eventually.

People, I was never a very accessible person, but that doesn’t mean there is no connection with the place or with all of you. There is, and from tomorrow, I’m going to return every smile, every wave of a hand, and every greeting. Maybe that’s the revivification part.


Sonal said...

Every stop is marked with memories. very very true!
Its very natural to get attached with the place & people,we worked.
An emotional bond automatically develops.
During my PG studies I had a fight with my friends on many issues(which seems very stupid now). But today I really miss all of them :my teachers,Sweeper Mavashi,canteen anna,my loving friends,meswale bhaiya.These people have given me so much;good moments,smiles, fun & care.
I want those days back,but I know its not possible.

parag said...

Aree MAMU!!!
tension kaiko leta hai..
dhek tu ek kaam kar.. jesi hai 5 saal complet hota hai na....tu saadi mana dalne ka..ek dum ek raapchik ladki dhood..full to Phd item tera mafik..
aur phir tera life mai phir se roj ek naya memories rahega. Ek dum full too dhamal rahega..harroj to cheek cheek ke hasega…aree darne ka nahi re..kya bolta hai…