Saturday, June 03, 2006

Everyone says love can move mountains. That love reforms people, changes attitudes, changes perception about everything in life.

True, no doubt about it. But there is another thing which has an ability to change everything about your personality, about the way you feel, your attitude, the way you perceive things. That thing is called HURT. It can move mountains, too, however, in a totally different direction as compared to love. And whereas love leads to progression, hurt has just one target, self-destruction.

Who doesn't want the freedom, soveriegnty and pleasures inflicted by love? Love is an awesome thing as long as you don't have to deal with hurt.


Priya said...

Doesnt sometimes hurt make u a stronger person....

Alok said...
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sonal said...

Like d post..
but I have not understood d concept of HURT, u hve put?
Tanuja said, in d movie "Rules"
"sirf usme tumhe dard pahuchane ki takat hai,jisase tum bahot pyaar karate ho"
U get deeply hurt by d person whom u love most.
Dukha manasala dusarya manasachhya jasta javal aanat.. Hurt is d part of love,kadavat aahe nakki but what can b done ?