Thursday, May 18, 2006

Got a stern warning y'day NOT TO THINK!!!

I was complaining about the unideal work environment here to one of my seniors, who is about to leave in a few days. He blasted at me!!! I got a stern warning from him that I shouldn't think so much. I 'huh'ed.

He said, "You heard me right the first time. Dont huh..." (This is our normal line in lab talk when someone tries to act stupid deliberately and is caught in the act...A long story how it came in use, some other day).

I preferred to keep quiet for sometime. Was amused. This senior is the coolest person I've ever met. If he thinks that I make an issue out of everything, may be that's what I do. This was what I thought. After a while his preaching was becoming unbearable...I'd to say something in self-defence. "Why? What's wrong? I have brains and if I don't use them my neurons and brain cells will die."

I blabbered something more. But i think he was mellowed by all this defensive crap talk from my side. He thought I'm hurt by his remarks. So, he changed his tracks to preachy tone...

In brief, he also started with crap itself, like how things fall in place, and you should have a positive attitude always in life (Again! Dammit I know all that...but I'm not able to act on it. So say something else man!) ...Then he went on to give me a pep-up talk...about how everyone goes through this phase. He thought this phase comes to everyone in their 4-5th year, not in the 2nd year (are you trying to say I'm abnormal?)...So, his sincere advice was that one shouldn't think about the situations in general because that doesn't help. Thank god, he doesn't know that I'm of the opinion that THINKING is salvation.


Anonymous said...

By not protesting against wrong things ,we ultimately encourage it.
Sabhya manasach mukepana hai samaja karita Gundan pekshahi ghatak aahe!
just rebel.

Alok said...
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Anonymous said...

I am not Scot.

A said...

Who are you? :D