Saturday, April 22, 2006

पलायनवादी व्यक्ती दयनीय असते, नाही? अशी व्यक्ति बहुतेक कधी हतोत्साहित किंवा निराश होत नसेल; अशा व्यक्तिचा स्वप्नभंग पण कदाचितच होत असणार. पण मागे वळून पाहताना - आणि मग कोणिही का असेना, कधी ना कधी आपल्या जीवनाचे विश्लेषण प्रत्येक मनुष्य करतोच - असं वाटेल, "अरे, काय केलंस या जीवनाचं? संधी मिळाली पण ती घालवलीस...प्रतिभा होती, पण अपयशाच्या भीतीने तिला आत कोंडून ठेवलंस...स्वतःला एका गुफेत कोंडून घेतलंस, कारण प्रतिसाद मिळेल काय आणि मिळाल्यास तो कसा असेल असाच नेहमी विचार करत गेलास...आणि आता उरलंय ते काय? हीच निश्चितता की तू जीवन वाया घालवलंयस".
अशी व्यक्ति दयनीयच असणार. कारण हा सगळा बोध होइस्तोवर ती संधी, ती प्रतिभा, आणि ते मंतरलेले क्षण, सगळं काही अदॄश्य झालेलं असणार.


Anonymous said...

U should also find out what could be the possible reasons other than fear of failure that forces people to run away ?
It could be the kind of personal upbringing,nourishment of thoughts,pressure of scociety,cultural trends.It doesnt allow people to take risks & move ahead.
Every individual is not a strong entity.

Alok said...
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Anonymous said...

strong urge towards attaining a simpler and happier life. If one has that, half the battle is already won.
Its very true.Most of the people never realised or rather never tried to live life on their own terms.They walk the path lead & accepted by the society.
Insecurity is the most wonderful part of life as it keeps u alive,awaken,forces u to work hard,learn,grow,care,Contribute & ultimately bring surprises too

Alok said...
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Anonymous said...

I too believe in d constructive ways to be in touch with LIFE.
one simple example will illustrate my point : Insecurity about job makes us work hard but sometimes this insecurity affect performance negatively too .Life is so uncertain & insecure thats bcz its exciting . and about pain: brings us closer to ourself & loved ones,it makes us listen to our heart.I have experienced it when I am hurt;nothing goes well;all doors seems to be closed, I grow, start thinking again & automtically new ways come out, feel positive about whole thing bcz somewhere deep inside I cant tolerate the pressure of pain & have inherent desire to live every moment cheerfully.
So I will again says uncertainties makes life happening ow it becomes a routine affair, nothing new.whats ur say ?
Yes this discussion is turning fruitful. About me , believe in surprises!!

Alok said...
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Anonymous said...

Life is not secured for common man in India Yes, it was been again proved by yesterdays serial bomb blasts in local trains of Mumbai.
Wheteher my father will return home safely ? if the small child is not sure about it.I dont have rights to say uncertainties makes life happening.
Yes my stars r surely very bright but its not d case with millions of Indians.

sonal said...
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sonal said...

Process of pain ...we were talking about..
Every one has a past..pleasant,unpleasant..whatever which most of the time determines his present & future course of action.
what makes terrorists? many reasons.
but doesnt it start from unbearable pain ..self destruction & then destruction of human life.
Is it negative motivation from d tragedies,fate,injustice happened to them.
There r other class of people believes that only way to heal their wounds is to make others happy..they r positively motivated.
sometimes I feel Optimism hi khup vague concept aahe?
some r born..some gets positive ..some rather loose optimism with experiences ,life offered to them..or some r born pessimist.
In one of ur post u wrote "winnere take it all.loosers stand" ..
calibre, not always recognised ..
for how long a person can b optimistic?
when he is not getting even slightest of appreciation,approval that he deserves
It is said that there is time under sun for everything..
Pratek goshtichi ek nishchit wel asate..
but when?
when d person has lost intensity ,will,stamina,energy..
extraordinary,privileged one will do it in any case?
but what for underprivilegded one?

I will stop here..this is what going in my mind.

sonal said...

I want to know what is optimism all about??
I m very confused as always.