Friday, September 25, 2009

I envy R and R (can you guess who they are??!!! R1, I don't want him to ever come to my blog coz he will 100 per cent throw a fit reading some of the stuff here...R2, now she is a different ballgame...she is a regular buyer of my shitty monologues and keeps coming to this blog like an ant to a fungus). These are two people I know who sleep even less than me (ha ha ha)! Now in case you are wondering why (I know, I know, there's absolutely nothing else to envy about them), I am the kind of person who thinks sleeping is a waste of time.

So, are you smirking already? That probably goes on to show that either you love your quota of sleep and find my reasoning ridiculous or you know me too well to believe what I said in the previous line. But who said thoughts and deeds are one and the same? Wanting to achieve something and actually being capable of achieving are two different things. I learnt it long back. I loathe sleeping. It's just that I can't help falling asleep. For the logically/verbally challenged, who still haven't got hold of my uber-cool logic on why I loathe sleeping, I will spell it out for you in numbers...1/3 rd of your life, you've spent sleeping...Look, for me, that's a big deal...I mean 9 years of my life...Do you realize what it means?

1. With my average, I could have had 9 more girlfriends.

2. I could have done 2 more PhDs (ok, this actually sounds scary, but you get the point, right?!)

So, the problem is that I sleep after a gap of every 14-15 hours even when I hate it coz I just can't seem to keep awake. My brain starts giving up. I can actually hear the knobs and switches in my brain getting turned off, I can actually see the lights being turned off and I can sense the buzzing and whirring of my neurons slowly coming to a standstill. Things start running in slow motion and I slip in the whirlpool of darkness.

This creates a dichotomy. My circadian rhythm is screwed up as the hatred pushes me to postpone sleep as long as I can, wondering in awe every single day whether I can skip sleep. Of course that doesn't happen being the sloth that I am, and eventually I do fall asleep, but then it's so late that when I finally get up again, half the day is already over. It's a nightmare (no pun intended).

Anyway, so that is the reason why I envy people who can do with much less sleep than me as they get more time living.

ps. I just can't believe I have spent half an hour of my time on writing a post on sleep!!!


Anonymous said...

sleepy head u! :) it is good to sleep makes ur skin glow ( if u care abt it)


p.s. may be a good idea for the fresh breeze of romance in ur life

A said...