Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Tunnel And The Light

Last Monday to this Tuesday, the ride has been a roller coaster one to say the least. I spent the whole of last week in trying to keep up with the expectations and deadline and bang on Saturday, just when I thought I have caught up, and fairly confident of things being in control and meeting up the deadline, things started going downhill. It is confirmed now. I won't meet the deadline. It's a big blow.

I conjured up every trick I could think of. Nothing worked. Your data are your kids. The whole world may criticize them, you would want to protect them, come what may. And if someone comes too near to hurt them, you would come in between and do everything possible to protect. After asking boss for a final hearing of the new thesis outline , which eventually led to a negative verdict too, the discussion was over. All my cards were open on the table, and somehow I'd lost this hand.


One needs perspective to look at things more clearly, especially if one is too emotional about what's happening. And one doesn't need monumental philosophy, even a small sneeze is enough. I got up y'day morning, spent some clueless moments on my bed with blurry vision and then had a terribly strong sneeze which threw me so off balance that I landed on floor. Happened within seconds. I was a sight and the whole thing was too shocking to do anything else except curse openly. It was only when I was in the shower that I could see it differently. Here I was, riding the troughs of life, barely holding onto the reigns, when a silly sneeze shook the wits out of me! I couldn't help laughing hysterically. Still smiling about it. So yeah life is a bitch sometimes and can make you go down on all four. At times you can't control the going down part. What's in your hand though is to get up with a smile and forget about it.


I love Indie movies. Some of them are too dark, serious and melancholic and I avoid them. Like Boy A. But some of them are exceptionally great yet bearable. Enough has been written about An American Crime and Hard Candy (both starring Ellen Page, who is amazing...both movies are quite gory, especially An American Crime. This was one movie that made me flinch and I watched much of the movie with narrowed eyes, horrified as to what more awaits for the viewer and the protagonist). So I'll pass on them. Two movies I recommend are Keith and Dedication. I don't think these are well known movies. Neither is an edge-of-the-seat thriller. Hardly anything happens. If you like ensemble caste, forget about it. There is hardly any caste at all. Even the plots are quite stale. But something about the dialogues, screenplay and the caste makes it a great watch. Everything very cleverly done. Acting, editing and music (especially of Dedication) is awesome. Both are about love, so those of you who are allergic to such movies, stay away. These are not romantic comedies though. Pretty neurotic stuff lies if you dig deep enough. Almost forgot to speak about One Week. Good one again. Don't pass it. Another one worth watching is The Shadow Dancer. Claire Forlani is delicious.

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