Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pondicherry, especially the university, elicits extreme responses in people. Some people loved their time there. Some are indifferent. And few hated it. There are various reasons for being indifferent or hating it, they say. They said it wasn't good enough, there were not enough opportunities, professors were biased, they were not at all encouraging, if anything, they tried to scare the students away, killed the students' spirits, blah, blah,'s a big doubt all that happened. But it made all of us into tough cookies, didn't it? Thank god, we were not sheltered for 2 years, otherwise after coming into the open, we would not be familiar with realities of the outside world.

Man, just think about it! Given the environment, the people, the circumstances, everyone, each one of us is granted with two choices - to whine or to turn the situation in our favour. Given all the adversities, will you try to be a winner or just a whiney loser? Why not try to turn the tables? It just takes a may not succeed, but at least you would have tried.

Plus, how can you entirely blame the environment and people? Because given more or less the same conditions, some succeeded, whereas you didn't! By saying that the blame lies somewhere else, are you trying to hide your own inconsistencies? Not just are fucking taking away others' success from them by saying favouritism, bias, or whatever.

So come on losers, try to catch up...that is if you get time from your whining!


Anonymous said...

i agree and partly disagree to it.

Agree because it happens so often that people, the whiny losers as u rightly named them, love to shift the blame of their failures and shortcomings on others- that pisses me off big time.I feel like telling them 'Hey losers, stop crying that life is on the wrong track because of so and so.. take the steering back and get your life back on track! Do something'. No one has met only success all the way after all.
Disagree because sometimes, and i am sure you have faced it too, people who are in the position of power are so blindly biased that it pisses off everyone else around. Some can ignore this and carry on but for some others this can be irreversibly damaging.

A said...

The point was it's high time people move on...if something doesnt happen the way you want it to be, it's not the end of life!

in this particular case, if after 4 years, you can't let go, then yeah as you put it, may be the guys are irreversibly damaged...or they don't want it enough...who said that life's all simple and fair? it's difficult, moreover, it's cut-throat...and you gotta be good and tenacious...

as you said, everyone goes through this down phase some time or the other...but if some take less time to get up, who will you blame? the ones who were swift? I havent yet come across people who are irreversibly damaged...most of the times, it's just easy to wriggle in self pity as to how unfair life is than actually do something about it.

ray said...
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