Monday, July 28, 2008

Everyone in our generation seems to be consumed by a huge lethargic diapause lately...I'm curious whether this has anything to do with the amount of time we spend in front of computers. Just give it a shot...don't use computers a day a week. It'll make you feel absolutely uneasy depending on the level of dependence on computers for entertainment, but give it a shot...The best way is to not carry the laptop home on the weekend...I assure you, you'll discover new ways of amusing yourself. Plus a lot clearer in mind. Somehow, use of computers for a long time makes me feel drugged and absolutely zombie and tired. And if it becomes a habit, as it had, one doesn’t even realize it till one makes a conscious effort to break away from that addiction and dependence. I assure you: it’s difficult, but achievable and once achieved, starving for some great ways of fun and pleasure.



Hai I am hariprasad, creator of meetwonders, khagola, ekhagola blogs. Will be happy to see your continuous comments. I share the same thoughts about the computers as you.
I will be happy to know more about you.

A said...

Great, I thought people who think this way abt computers mus t really be a minority!