Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Buck up, dude!"

"I'm surprised...your attitude...this shouldn't be your attitude. This is not the way science is done."

"AOS to explain age polyethism? That sounds far-fetched."

"She's a cryptic successor to boss. Just like her experiments!"

"Where's the comma? And full stop?"

"Your manners suck man!
"Should I say thanks for every single drop of water?
"Of course!
"Ok, I'm dropping the idea of doing PhD. I'll take this as a full time job...saying thanks to you..."

"It seems 'indeed' is his favourite word. By the way what's indeed in hindi?

"Boss is amused! He is actually smiling!
"You know sir is generally a happy person."

"He's so happy and excited. Got a chance to speak after 2 years. Y'know what happened the last time boss made him speak?..."

"300 देखी क्या?"

"Different data sets are different! What an intelligent statement! Wow..."

"Open your excel spreadsheet."

"I heard bedsheet instead of spreadsheet! Saturday mornings man...What a way to spend time!"

A typical lab meet scene is on.

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