Friday, June 02, 2006

I've understood why I like to maintain a distance with most of the people I meet. On a personal note that is. Professionally when i get to know someone, I'm very cordial, polite and I guess, I come across as a confident person. However, when it comes to personal life, I don't want to get too close to anyone as it's really annoying to be analysed at every walking moment and disclosing your frailties and vulnerabilities to anyone. I prefer to keep my emotions in check all the time and hate it when people start manipulating me through my emotions.

It's also because hi's and bye's are much better than coming closer to people, and then leaving them never to see them again.

It's also because most of the people are quite boring.

It's also because many times ideas and perceptions are much better than reality. People lose that aura and mysticism when you get to know them TOO well.

And most of all, why make efforts when you already know the fate? Nothing lasts forever, right? Why bother then?


Priya said...

Tempted to analyze this blog of ur's.....But then I wouldnt!!!

If u may allow me, I wouldnt agree to ur statement abt how people lose there charm , once u get to know them... I suppose, thats how it starts, the fascination to figure everybody around..but even after a point u feel u know somebdy very well... (trust me) u dont... u might have penetrated some of the levels of the so called personality...

Anonymous said...

Dont you have any friends? Havent you analysed them? Isn't analysing a person the first step towards a relationship of any kind? U seem to be scared of commitment, more any other reason you have listed out here.

Sorry for the analysis!

Alok said...

One more Sherlock Holmes is born!!!